Trem do Samba 20 Years

The Trem do Samba ( Samba Train) recently celebrated it’s 20th anniversary as a part of Rio de Janeiro’s historical samba culture which celebrate the “National Day of Samba”. The event which happens in December of each year, starts the Rio’s Central Train Station where the Velha Guarda (Old Guard) of all the samba schools such as Portela, Salgueiro, Mangueira, Vila Isabel, to name a few, board the trains along with the public who join in singing, dancing and playing all the samba classics. The trains then head to station of Ozwaldo Cruz in the bairro (neighborhood) of Madureira, the samba mecca of Rio where performances move to stages and rodas da samba all around the neighborhood well into the night. The event is free to the public and one of the most exciting attractions in Rio leading into the Carnival season. This coming year’s Rio Carnival Court featuring the returning member from 2015, King Wilson Dias da Costa Neto, Queen Clara Paixao, and Princesses – Bianca Monteiro and Uillana Adaes joined the in party at the Central Station to set it off.



Velha Guarda of Portela with President of Portela, Sergio Procopio

Trem do Samba - Portela

Carlinhos Pandeira de Ouro of Mangueira and the classic film “Orfeu”  “Black Orpheus”



The Royal Court of Rio Carnival 2016 _MG_0044 _MG_0063

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Video – What Is A Samba School?


A samba school, isn’t just a place to go to learn how to dance samba. The Brazil Show gives you a behind the scenes look at one of Rio’s top samba schools, Academicos do Salgueiro. A samba school is a community center that not only prepares for Carnival, but also provides activities and jobs for many of it’s community. The larger samba schools can have over 5000 members. In this video we talk you behind the scenes on the way to a night at Salgueiro samba school.

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Carnival Dress Rehearsals – Ensaio Tecnicos Rio de Janeiro

Carnival is right around the corner! Rio Carnival 2015 starts on Friday, February 13th and ends on February 17th.
The top 5 schools parade again in the Parade of Champions on Saturday, February 21st.

If you’re going to be in Rio de Janeiro, before Carnival you can catch the Free dress rehearsals, called “Ensaio Tecnicos“.

Saturday and Sunday nights all the schools from the small ones to the large schools, get a day to practice on the avenida at the Sambodromo. Although there are no floats or flashy costumes, you will still get to hear the baterias (drum corps), the rainhas (Queens) samba dancers and all the sections of the samba schools. If you can’t make it for Carnival, this is the next best thing, and it’s free and with plenty of room. Seating is open in the General grandstands only and for the larger more famous schools, it’s advised to get there a bit early.

The following is a list of the dates of the Ensaio Tecnicos.

DATE                  DAY                  START               START / SCHOOL                                START / SCHOOL
JAN 17                SAT                                               8PM / IMPERIO DA TIJUCA           9:30PM /CUBANGO
JAN18                 SUN                                              8PM/ MOCIDADE                              9:30PM /MANGUEIRA
JAN24                 SAT                                               8PM /PORTO DA PEDRA                 9:30PM /UNIDOS DE PADRE MIGUEL
JAN25                 SUN                                              8PM/ BEIJA FLOR                              9:30PM /GRANDE RIO
JAN31                 SAT                                               8PM/ SAO CLEMENTE                      9:30PM /IMPERATIZ LEOPOLDINENSE
FEB 1                  SUN             7PM/ UNIAO DA ILHA          8PM/ PORTELA               9:30PM /SALGUEIRO
FEB 8                 SUN              8PM SOUND AND LIGHT TEST – 2014 CHAMPION UNIDOS DA TIJUCA


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Salgueiro Samba School 2007 “Candaces”

A look at the past from Salgueiro Samba School 2007 and their theme of “Candaces” featuring Rainha da Bateria, Gracyanne Barbosa. From a webisode of “the Brazil Show” with Osiris Nascimento, Leticia Martins Pereira and Mariana Dias

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