Brazil Real to US Dollar Exchange Rate

Picture of Brazilian Real and U.S. Dollar. Brazilian Real drops in exchange rate against U.S. dollar

Picture of Brazilian Real and U.S. Dollar. Brazilian Real drops in exchange rate against U.S. dollar

The U.S. Dollar reaches $3.97 to R$1.00 Brazilian Real in trading this morning. Exchange rates against the dollar have not been this high in 10 years and make it a good time for travel to Brazil from the U.S. and Europe. The Euro is trading at €4.46 to R$1.00 Brazilian real and although this is not an all time high for the Euro, it still makes Brazil an attract travel destination.

As Brazil’s recent credit downgrading by Standard and Poor’s to “junk” and with no rosy outlook in the near future, the exchange rate for the Dollar and Euro will keep Brazil as a good vacation option for stretching your money.

Although Brazil is dealing with high inflation, the exchange rate will offset the high prices tourists have been paying in the recent few years in during off season where prices were so high many people were put off in traveling to Brazil.

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