February 13, 2015

Rio Carnival 2015 Starts today

Rio Carnival 2015

Today Carnaval begins!

Carnaval Parades take place over 4 nights, Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday. The following Saturday is the parade of Champions where the top 5 schools make an encore. During the week there will be various street Carnaval parties called blocos, which can get up to 1 million people. As Carnaval is a nationwide event in Brazil, each region has it’s own unique take. Salvador da Bahia is probably the biggest Carnaval and for many, the best in Brazil. This year we are concentrating on the Rio de Janeiro Carnival at the Sambodromo and street Blocos, and hopefully next year, we’ll bring up close and personal to other regions of Brazil during Carnaval.

Tonight and Tomorrow’s schedules are samba schools from the lower division Group A. But don’t let that fool you, they are just as beautiful as the larger schools in the Special group. The first group starts at 9PM at the Sambodromo in Rio de Janeiro

1. Unidos de Bangu  9PM

2. Em Cima da Hora

3. Imperio Serrano

4. Paraiso do Tuiuti

5. Uniao do Parque Curicica ( With Brazil Magazine cover model Nanda Guimaraes)

6. Porto da Pedra

7. Caprichosos

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