Rio Carnival 2016 – Mangueira Crowned Champions

Carnival, the Biggest Show on the Planet has once again brought millions of people to Brazil and to Rio de Janeiro’s Sambodromo on Avenida Marques de Sapucai to see and experience the spectacular. This year’s champion after a long period from the top was Estacao Primeira da Mangueira samba school. The judging was tight between Mangueira and Salgueiro tied until the final category of the floats was announced. In a heartbreaking moment to once again for Salgueiro samba school members and fans, for the third year in a row, the school dropped from the top, this time falling to fourth place after receiving low scores from the judges due to problems with one of their floats.

Mangueira with perfect scores in the final category claimed the crown for the first time since 2002. Their theme included a tribute to Brazilian singer Maria Bethânia, who parading by walking the Avenue because of problems raising here to the platform of her float.  Rounding out the top schools 2. Unidos da Tijuca, 3. Portela, 4. Salgueiro, 5. Beija Flor and 6. Imperatriz Leopoldinense. The 6 schools repeated their show at the Parade of Champions the Saturday after Carnival. Portela, after many years of problems with returned with one of the most beautiful parades and a big contender for the championship. Tracing the history of man from ancient times to the future. Beginning with the story of Moses’ parting of the Red Sea to a tribute to the Lost in Space series and even a flying UFO drone, Portela’s Carnival parade was magnificent.

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Brazil Real to US Dollar Exchange Rate

Picture of Brazilian Real and U.S. Dollar. Brazilian Real drops in exchange rate against U.S. dollar

Picture of Brazilian Real and U.S. Dollar. Brazilian Real drops in exchange rate against U.S. dollar

The U.S. Dollar reaches $3.97 to R$1.00 Brazilian Real in trading this morning. Exchange rates against the dollar have not been this high in 10 years and make it a good time for travel to Brazil from the U.S. and Europe. The Euro is trading at €4.46 to R$1.00 Brazilian real and although this is not an all time high for the Euro, it still makes Brazil an attract travel destination.

As Brazil’s recent credit downgrading by Standard and Poor’s to “junk” and with no rosy outlook in the near future, the exchange rate for the Dollar and Euro will keep Brazil as a good vacation option for stretching your money.

Although Brazil is dealing with high inflation, the exchange rate will offset the high prices tourists have been paying in the recent few years in during off season where prices were so high many people were put off in traveling to Brazil.

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5 Places You Must Visit in Brazil

brazil travel destinations

Beauty is one the things that Brazil is famous for. These 5 travel destinations show the diversity of Brazil’s beautiful natural landscapes and iconic attractions.


corcovado christ statue

Corcovado / Christ the Redeemer – Rio de Janeiro.

Completed in 1931, the 98 foot tall statue has been named one of the 7 wonders of the world, with a spectacular view of Rio de Janeiro from the top of Corcovado mountain. If you’re not in   rush, take the train up the mountain side for a picturesque adventure to the top.

pelourinho olodum salvador bahia

Pelourinho – Salvador da Bahia

Pelourinho is perhaps the most famous image of Salvador. During the times of slavery, the Largo do Pelourinho was where the slaves were punished. Now Pelo has become a vibrant cultural center with restaurants serving up delicious Bahian cuisine, artisanal products, baroque architecture, religion and music. On Tuesday nights it has a Carnaval like atmosphere where various shows are performed, such as the rehearsal of Olodum, which attracts thousands of people to the streets and squares of  Pelourinho.


Iguassu Falls - Foz do Iguassu

Iguassu Falls – Foz do Iguassu

Iguassu means “large water” in the Tupi-Guarani (indigenous tribe) language. There are 19 main falls. Five of them are on the Brazilian side, with the rest are on the Argentinean side. Since most of the falls are on the Argentinean side and facing Brazil, the best views are for those who observe the scene from the Brazilian side. Iguassu falls are absolutely one of the Wonders of the World that should not be missed.


Fernando de Noronha

Fernando de Noronha

The islands of this archipelago are the visible parts of a range of submerged mountains. It consists of 21 islands, islets and rocks of volcanic origin which sits 220 miles off the Brazilian coast and is a protected municipality of the state of Pernumbuco.

Scuba diving, swimming, snorkeling and photography are popular activities with the beaches, and life above and below sea as the main attraction of the islands. Sea turtles, dolphins, albatrosses and many other species are frequently observed.


Amazon rainforest - Amazonas

Amazon rainforest – Amazonas

The fauna, flora and exotic animal species of the Amazon are, by far, the most endearing traits of this beautiful area. The climate of the Amazon Jungle is typically tropical, with hot, humid conditions both day and night. It is very wet in this area, no matter what time of year. Visitors will need to prepare for these conditions, which can become uncomfortable, but are well worth it. Malaria and/or Yellow Fever vaccination is required.

The best way to experience the Amazon Jungle and its massive rivers are by boat. Trained guides can be hired for individual travellers as well as larger groups. This will allow you to cruise along the deep waters, and spy into the dense rainforest. Many of the native villages have been built on the banks of the Amazon River, giving travellers the opportunity to catch a glimpse of their lives and communities.


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Check Out This Sexy Brazilian Swimsuit Model!


Brazilian model Raika Tavares

Check out Brazilian supermodel Raika Tavares, in a sexy swimsuit pictorial in the latest issue of Brazil Magazine. Along with travel tips, escape to the islands of Itaparica and Fernando de Noronho in Brazil’s northeast. Find out which Amazon fruit is a natural energy booster, which gadgets are a must have on your trip to Brazil and a look at the spirally Brazilian economy. All this and more in Brazil Magazine!

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Brazil Magazine featuring Raika Tavares

The new of issue of Brazil Magazine is available on Apple Newsstand featuring cover model Raika Tavares in a sexy pictorial shot in Mexico by Debora Ducci – and Nestor Meneses –  Travel to the island of Itaparica in Salvador da Bahia and Fernando de Noronha of the coast of northern Brazil.

Find out what’s happening with Brazil’s economy, how to relax after a long flight to Brazil, the natural caffein grown in Brazil’s Amazon, and more. Travel to Brazil in this issue of Brazil Magazine.

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