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Kai Greene Competes at Arnold Classic Brazil

Fresh off his win at the Arnold Classic USA, Kai Greene, aka the Predator, aka Mr. Getting it Done, has been confirmed to compete at the Arnold Classic Brazil on April 2, 2016. Although Kai has been to the event many times as a representative for supplement companies, this will be his debut as a competitor in the 4th annual Arnold Classic Brazil. Kai immediately jumps to the favorite to win the event against competitors such Juan Diesel Morel and Maxx Charles among others. Tickets for the three day Arnold Classic Brazil 2016 and Expo are still available but limited. Click here for more Arnold Classic Brazil information

Kai Greene Arnold Classic Brazil

Rio 2016 Paralympics Games Low Ticket Sales

Rio 2016 Paralympics logo

With only 200 days until the opening of the Rio Paralympics, Brazil still has much work to do if it is to claim the right to hear the famous phrase that closes the event: “they were the greatest Games of all time”.

Just 10% of 3.3 million tickets have been sold far.

The goal of the organizing committee is the break the record set in London 2012, when nearly 2.2 million tickets were sold, virtually ensuring that all the arenas were at capacity for the Games.

The reasons for the slow pace of business reveal a breach between the Brazilian Paralympic Committee (CPB) and the Rio 2016 organizers.

The CPB has complained that the Paralympic Games, which begin on September 7, after the Olympics, have not been sufficiently promoted – a job which is the responsibility of the organizing committee.

However, the Rio 2016 organizers, while recognizing that sales have been “worse than predicted”, attribute this to the Brazilian habit of only making decisions at the last minute.

The committee expects to see demand increase as the event draws closer, just as occurred at the Paralympics in both London and Beijing.

Most of the tickets for nearly 300 events cost up to R$30 (US $7.45). The cheapest tickets are just R$10 (US $2.48), a third of the value of the cheapest tickets for the Olympics.

One of the strategies considered by the CPB to raise interest in the Paralympics is to promote it as a family event – a strategy employed to great effect by the London organizers.

However, the difference is that in London this strategy was put into practice two years before the event, with visits to schools, associations and institutions promoting the Paralympic values, like overcoming one’s limits, understanding diversity and inclusion.

Story –  Jairo Marques and Paulo Roberto Conde

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Rio Carnival 2016 – Mangueira Crowned Champions

Carnival, the Biggest Show on the Planet has once again brought millions of people to Brazil and to Rio de Janeiro’s Sambodromo on Avenida Marques de Sapucai to see and experience the spectacular. This year’s champion after a long period from the top was Estacao Primeira da Mangueira samba school. The judging was tight between Mangueira and Salgueiro tied until the final category of the floats was announced. In a heartbreaking moment to once again for Salgueiro samba school members and fans, for the third year in a row, the school dropped from the top, this time falling to fourth place after receiving low scores from the judges due to problems with one of their floats.

Mangueira with perfect scores in the final category claimed the crown for the first time since 2002. Their theme included a tribute to Brazilian singer Maria Bethânia, who parading by walking the Avenue because of problems raising here to the platform of her float.  Rounding out the top schools 2. Unidos da Tijuca, 3. Portela, 4. Salgueiro, 5. Beija Flor and 6. Imperatriz Leopoldinense. The 6 schools repeated their show at the Parade of Champions the Saturday after Carnival. Portela, after many years of problems with returned with one of the most beautiful parades and a big contender for the championship. Tracing the history of man from ancient times to the future. Beginning with the story of Moses’ parting of the Red Sea to a tribute to the Lost in Space series and even a flying UFO drone, Portela’s Carnival parade was magnificent.

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Trem do Samba 20 Years

The Trem do Samba ( Samba Train) recently celebrated it’s 20th anniversary as a part of Rio de Janeiro’s historical samba culture which celebrate the “National Day of Samba”. The event which happens in December of each year, starts the Rio’s Central Train Station where the Velha Guarda (Old Guard) of all the samba schools such as Portela, Salgueiro, Mangueira, Vila Isabel, to name a few, board the trains along with the public who join in singing, dancing and playing all the samba classics. The trains then head to station of Ozwaldo Cruz in the bairro (neighborhood) of Madureira, the samba mecca of Rio where performances move to stages and rodas da samba all around the neighborhood well into the night. The event is free to the public and one of the most exciting attractions in Rio leading into the Carnival season. This coming year’s Rio Carnival Court featuring the returning member from 2015, King Wilson Dias da Costa Neto, Queen Clara Paixao, and Princesses – Bianca Monteiro and Uillana Adaes joined the in party at the Central Station to set it off.



Velha Guarda of Portela with President of Portela, Sergio Procopio

Trem do Samba - Portela

Carlinhos Pandeira de Ouro of Mangueira and the classic film “Orfeu”  “Black Orpheus”



The Royal Court of Rio Carnival 2016 _MG_0044 _MG_0063

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Brazil Real to US Dollar Exchange Rate

Picture of Brazilian Real and U.S. Dollar. Brazilian Real drops in exchange rate against U.S. dollar

Picture of Brazilian Real and U.S. Dollar. Brazilian Real drops in exchange rate against U.S. dollar

The U.S. Dollar reaches $3.97 to R$1.00 Brazilian Real in trading this morning. Exchange rates against the dollar have not been this high in 10 years and make it a good time for travel to Brazil from the U.S. and Europe. The Euro is trading at €4.46 to R$1.00 Brazilian real and although this is not an all time high for the Euro, it still makes Brazil an attract travel destination.

As Brazil’s recent credit downgrading by Standard and Poor’s to “junk” and with no rosy outlook in the near future, the exchange rate for the Dollar and Euro will keep Brazil as a good vacation option for stretching your money.

Although Brazil is dealing with high inflation, the exchange rate will offset the high prices tourists have been paying in the recent few years in during off season where prices were so high many people were put off in traveling to Brazil.

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